Eat Local Ohio x Hillcrest 

“Unity is everything.” This was the first lesson that my mentor, and the CEO of Hillcrest Foodservice taught me six years ago. With his passion for supporting local and my passion for food and social media, together we created this movement. A movement where a food service company invested in me, to create something unique to help our local independents. 


So how did it start? 



Hillcrest foodservice is a local, family-owned company whose mission is to honor all local independent eateries. With this mission in mind, Hillcrest created the name Eat Local Ohio. “ELO” as we like to call it, was then put on all forty of their trucks, delivering food to only local restaurants, across NEO. My mentor wanted to seek out a greater purpose for ELO, and that’s where I came into the mix. 



Like many others, paying for college was my own responsibility. In order to pay for college and graduate debt free, I worked as a live-in nanny for the CEO of Hillcrest Foods. This family changed my life. NYC became my ultimate inspiration. Anytime I could take a trip I would drive to NYC for the day, eat my way around the city, and drive back. I found all of the places that I would visit through Instagram accounts focused on food. Social media is powerful. People use it to find new restaurants, explore a visual menu, and connect with these eateries beyond the dining room. Being an influencer was a dream. Little did I know, it would become a reality. 



Together, my mentor and I found purpose for ELO. We created this movement to give back to our community. I create content for social media, provide advice on how to grow your social media presence, and increase exposure to your community, all for FREE. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s localize: the movement of locals supporting locals. It takes YOU to start the trend.