My Never Ending Food Jouney Around Ohio 


It’s funny, sometimes you don’t put two and two together until so much of life is in the rearview mirror.  And then, “BAM” it hits you.  For me, it is so clear that I should have been doing this all along, and I often wonder why it took a sales internship in college to realize what my true passion was!  Like most food lovers, the acute appreciation for even the slightest subtleties in cuisine are reaped at a very young age.  Certainly, I am not an exception.  It was impossible not to notice the effort, continuous toiling and unmitigated passion my mother poured into every step of every recipe, although we may have taken it for granted.  She would spend countless hours getting every bite just right. Her cooking filled our hearts, powered our smiles and anchored our spirits.  It centered our love as a collective; as a family and I am not sure that any of us realized just how important that was except for her.  Needless to say, I thank her daily for not only successfully weaving the fabric of our kindred, but for the passion she instilled in me. 


Food is powerful. It is about so much more than just the ingredients, tastes and smells.  It’s about the people.  It tells their story.  It’s about the compassion involved in the nourishing of others. The way it brings us together, the amazing time spent in amazing places doing amazing things.   It’s everything to me, really.  For as long as I can remember, at the center of every great memory was a great plate. My internship in college was sales based.  Not coincidentally, I landed with a food distributor.  Aside from working with this food service operator, I felt this to be the closest connection I could have to what fueled my interests.  What I realized is that this distributor, Hillcrest Foods, had parallel ideals to mine.  It wasn’t just about moving boxes to customers to turn a dime, it ran so much deeper.  It was about being a great neighbor, about rooting for the small businesses and empowering those who make our communities so great.  It certainly didn’t hurt that this all revolved around my love language: food.


 “Unity is everything,” This was the first lesson that my mentor, and one of the owners of Hillcrest Foodservice taught me, seven years ago. With his passion for supporting local and my passion for food and social media, together we created this movement. A movement where a food service company invested in me, to create something unique to help our local independents.  I travel.  I eat.  I create content. I give social media advice. I share the stories of those who work so hard to brighten our days with a bite.  I am a champion of the independent restaurateur and the crafts they have to offer.  The crafts that we don’t see on a commercial.  The crafts that are unique to them.  The crafts that paint and define our culinary landscape.  My only mission is to help spread the word, showcase their wares and propagate their legacies…they are amazing!  



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Over the last three years, Eat Local Ohio has been venturing all throughout Ohio to visit as many neighborhood joints as they can in hopes that the Ohio community would join them in the movement of supporting local independents.